Symbaroum Shadow of Darvokor

On the Trail of the Flayer

Mark of the Beast Part 1

Arriving in Thistle Hold, Ansel Magnuson, likewise new to Thistle Hold presented himself to Father Elfeno , Head of the Sun Temple of Thistle Hold,  Father Elfeno, who's reputation as a fervant warrior proceeded him, clearly had some different views than the young novice. 

Likewise, Bartolom presented himself to Chapter Master of the Thistle Hold Chapter of Ordo Magic. Cornelio, seeming preoccupied, assigned the Novice to a new master, the venerable [[: kullinan – furia | Furia]].  Before releasing Bartolom to go and see Master Vernam, Cornelio  requested that Bartolom do his best to persuade Master Vernam to donate the Sun Stone to the Ordo.

Bartlom, met with his Old Master's friend Vernam. The old man proved sharp but friendly and offered to continue the young novice's training despite having left the Ordo. He also had some knowledge of the two barbarians guides and the accursed crown they spoke of before their deaths, and their possible connection to the killer called the Flayer. After some pleasantries, Bartolom, departed with the promise of additional information the next day. 

Letter from Master Vernam to Mayor Nightpitch

The adventurers, having discovered the flayed corpse of Master Vernam ended up in Thistle Hold's morgue and were introduced to Illantro. The old Medicus' drinking had caused him to fail to notice some important clues in his examination of the victims of the Flayer.



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