Symbaroum Shadow of Darvokor

Skins, Toads and Skulls, the Flayer's End.

Mark of the Beast Part 2

After noticing they were being followed on their way to try and trap the Flayer,  Ansel and Olran discovered the man was one of Baumelo's minions. After the man accused them of being heretics, decided to confront the Witch Hunter. The fight between the knight and priest and the Witch Hunters led to the death. The Witch Hunter then call to a stop and apologized and suggested they work together.  Moments later the cry of murder led the adventurers to a stable and the next victim. 

After hearing about the Crown and the Skull it was during the final battle that the ancient relic finally appeared.  As Orlen and Ansel battled the Flayer, still wearing the skin of his latest victim,  the spirit of the ancient king, Hurian-Lo Apak dominated the mind of Karla and forced the barbarian archer to launch her arrows into her ally, the Wizard Bartolom. The skull continued to try and enslave its enemies even after the battle ended. It was only when the Bartolom, with his expertise in forbidden lore heard the voice, that he spoke the words needed to force the skull into dormancy.



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