A Vicious Witch Hunter


Baumelo, tall and lean with a large head and a full jaw would be an impressive man even without his reputation as a zealot and even vicious Witch Hunter. Like most of his ilk, he wears a broad black hat and a black cloak over his blackened scale armor.


There are many small villages along Davokar’s southern border. Among the population of these, the black cloak Baumelo became known as a vicious witch hunter, especially after he burned the village of Anamark to cinders when hunting a blight-marked resident.

Session Three: The adventures first encountered the minions of Baumelo in the streets of Thistle Hold when the witch hunters were chasing a young girl accused of witchcraft.After a brief melee, one of the witch hunters was dead and three others fled.

Session Five: After noticing they were being followed on their way to try and trap the Flayer, Ansel and Olran discovered the man was one of Baumelo’s minions. After the man accused them of being heretics, decided to confront the Witchhunter. The fight between the knight and priest and the Wicthunters led to the death. The Witchhunter then call to a stop and apologized and suggested they work together. Moments later the cry of murder led the adventurers to a stable and the next victim. Later after the adventurers had defeated the Alahara aka The Flayer and the Ambomination taht his lover Gorak had become, baumelo sought to take control of the Skull of Hurian-Lo Apak, but eventually agreed to let the adventurers deal with it.

Session Six: Though unseen in the session, Prior Emundi of the The Monastery of the Twilight Friars, Thistle Hold seeed concerned that the Witch Hunter was acting contrary to his nature and might have fallen under the power of the skull. After the meeting the Black Cloak Lestra told the adventurers of a rumor that Baumelo was dead.


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