Father Elfeno

Head of the Sun Temple of Thistle Hold and a powerful Theurg


Years of battle against the enemies of the church appear to have burned away all the doubt and weakness from the man. Father Elfano comes across as cold and distant. His time as a soldier in the service of the Sun God has left him with a military bearing and he radiates confidence and strength.


Father Elfeno is one of the senior leaders of the Church of Prios congregation in Thistle Hold.

Session 3: Ansel Magnuson, likewise new to Thistle Hold presented himself to Father Elfeno , Head of the Sun Temple of Thistle Hold,  Father Elfeno, who’s reputation as a fervent warrior proceeded him, clearly had some different views than the young novice. 

Session 4: After the theft of the Dusk of Water and its escort, Father Elfeno charged the Adventurers with its recovery, and provided them with a license to explore the Davokar.

Father Elfeno

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