ZZ King Hurian-Lo Apak

Long Dead King of Symbaroum


The King’s Skull
On a pedestal in the dark lays a mummified cranium with a verdigris-covered crown merged to the bone.


Session Five: After hearing about the Crown and the Skull it was during the final battle that the ancient relic finally appeared. As Orlen and Ansel battled the Flayer, still wearing the skin of his latest victim, the spirit of the ancient king, Hurian-Lo Apak dominated the mind of Karla and forced the barbarian archer to launch her arrows into her ally, the Wizard Bartolom. The skull continued to try and enslave its enemies even after the battle ended. It was only when the Bartolom, with his expertise in forbidden lore heard the voice, that he spoke the words needed to force the skull into dormancy.

Session Seven: The adventurers, determined to destroy the threat of the skull and crown of King Hurian traveled deep into the Davokar to find his tomb and under take a ritual to destroy him. When the adventurers entered his tomb they discovered his headless mummified corpse encased in armor on a throne. As the others entered, Bartolom used the breaking link ritual to try and destroy the skull, but it only resulted in freeing the spirit of the long dead King who soon repossessed his corpse and reanimated his dead flesh. Faced with the undead King, the adventurers had little choice but fight. For being dead for more than a millenium the evil King for with both power and speed and struck down both Father Ansel and the Barbarian Karla. Luckily Bartolom was able to save the lives of both his companions and return them to the fight. After a furious battle, Sir Orlen struck the final blow and ended the threat of the return of the Undead King.

ZZ King Hurian-Lo Apak

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