Master Kullinan Furia

Master of Ordo Magica


Despite no doubt possessing great power, Furia, an ancient master of wizardry is almost shy and avoids eye contact with others. Tall and quite thin, his full head of wild white hair makes him stand out beside his subsided personality. His skin is somewhere between the texture of leather and parchment.


”I speak, you listen. Always.”

Kullinan may be the most single-minded of all mas­ters of Ordo Magica. He is hundreds of years old and did not take part in the war against the Dark Lords, with the argument that he had more important things to do – namely, to study the war prisoners captured and try to learn what kind of mystical powers controlled their will. Understanding the world is all that counts; affecting the world or its creatures are not his interests – “insight before intervention, knowledge before knowhow,” is a motto his adepts hear again and again.

Master Kullinan Furia

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