Black Cloak of the Twilight Friars


Lestra, a Black Cloak of the Twilight Friars is a slighly built young woman of Ambrian stock. She is slightly built, with pleasant features with eyes that seem to see everything.


Session One and Two: Encountered the adventurers while they were traveling Notth from the Dying Lands to Ambria. Lestra was hunting for two barbarian scouts who had fled South from Thistlehold after becoming corrupted by contact with the cursed copper crown. The adventurers won her approval with their actions in battling both the Robber Baron Mal Rogan and abominations that sprung from the stricken barbarians.

Session Six: Lestra met with the advanturers outside of the Twilight Friars and warned them of rumors that Baumelo had been slain.


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