Darvokorian Witch


Magdala, Barbarian Witch
You grew up in the shadow of Karvosti, the plateau of the High Chieftain in Davokar. Your initiation ended in tragedy as the ritual was cut short by an abomination sprung forth from the forest deep. In the fight you found your inner beast, and because of that the leader of your hex circle has sent you south. You are deemed to be able to defend yourself against the depraved Ambrians, should the need arise. Your mission is to observe and to report back to the hex circle. Davokar is about to awaken, in part because of the newcomers,
and the forces that work for a wakening must be found and fought.

The Huldra on Karvosti is interested in everything related to the people of the Queen and may have tasked you with studying the ruined south in order to gain a better understanding of the Ambrians’ past. In order to avoid unwanted attention you may claim to be exiled after having violated some taboo. Or you may actually have broken some vow and willfully chosen to lay low far from the witches’ territory.

You recently met another “exile” from the plains south of Davokar. A skill archer and veteran of the horrific war which has laid the southern lands to waste. Karla’s tribe was wiped out, and have decided it is time to return to the lands south of the Davokor.


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