Mal-Rogan / Rogan Gorinder of House Daar

Undead Robber Baron


The undead knight speaks with coarse voice and his head slightly tilted. Missing one arm. White pale skin and blackened veins. Clad in a battered suit of Pansar Plate.


The Queen’s Pansar Rogan Gorinder died in battle during The Great War. He got his arm chopped off in combat, the wound started to rot and the healers were powerless against the black infection spreading through his body. But instead of dying Rogan woke up as undead, with an arm stump dripping pus and blackened veins fanning across his throat and temples.

The nobleman has turned into a true robber baron.

Rogan was first encountered by the heroes just South of the High Pass in the Titan mountains on their way to Ambria. He was defeated, and “The Hand of Mal-Rogan” was taken by Bartolom, Novice Wizard of Ordo Magica. It was discovered that Mal-Rogan was once the Uncle of Orlan Gorinder of House Daar.

Session One: The adventurers encountered and defeated Mal-Rogan, and gained mummified hand that hung around his neck.

Mal-Rogan / Rogan Gorinder of House Daar

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