Master Eufrynda

Master of the Thistle Hold Chapter


This haughty, pipe-smoking woman is an ambitious Master of the Ordo Magica in Thistle Hold. She is rumored to have the sharpest mind in town.


Session Five: Bartolom first encountered Master Eufrynda while hunting the Flayer. The Flayer had murdered Master Vernom and used his flayed skin to impersonate him to gain entrance to the Thistle Hold Chapter House of Ordo Magica and access to its library. An investigation of the records confirmed that his death Master Vernam had entered the Ordo, and had stolen the pages that held the ritual of Break Link, which as the name implies, can sever mystical links and bonds.

Session Six: Learning of the defeat of the Flayer and the capture of the skull of Hurian-Lo Apak the Master of Ordo Magica helped arrange for an expedition to discover the tomb to assist the adventurers in destroying the crown.

Master Eufrynda

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