Orlan Gorinder of House Daar

Former Knight of the Queen's Pansars


Orlan of House Daar, Knight
As the youngest son of a noble house, you were accepted into the ranks of the Queen’s Pansars, thanks to your skills and your family name. Serving along side others of your house, including your Uncle Rogan, who was slain rescuing the Queen. But he was not the only loss, while your family’s best warriors were away at war, your family suffered greatly and many of the estates were destroyed and nearly all your relatives perished in the Great War. After remaining in Alberetor as a member of the rearguard while the Queen and her people traveled over the mountains, having tired of have patrols and drills, you resigned from the knights’ guard in order to rebuild what remained of House Daar. But when you returned to your lands you found little of your kin but tombs. The land of your family had succumbed to blight and darkness.

Seeing that no future nor even much of your past remains in Alberetor you decided to make the jouney over the Titans to Ambria. Along the way you have fallen in with some other veterans of the Great war on the road.

Orlan Gorinder of House Daar

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