Warden Pergalo

Warden of the Thistle Hold Penitentiary


The Warden is the weasel-like


Warden Pergalo, the son of the master torturer Katia who managed to make a captured Dark Lord reveal where Queen Korinthia was held prisoner, near the end of The Great War. The stories told of what Pergalo does to knocked- out drunkards during the nights are enough to deter most people from drinking too much. And woe to the suspected conspirator, spy or dark-minded cultist who ends up in the murky cellar vaults of the Penitentiary!

Session Four: The adventures met Pergalo when Orlan of House Daar was drafting prisoner for a dirty job by Order of the Church. Orlan found the Warden to be a man of low virtue and cuffed the man. While Captain Talio intervened to stop the young knight from thrashing the Warden, there is little doubt that Pergalo, a dangerous man, holds a grudge.

Session Five: Searching for Karla after leaving the Mayor’s home, Bartolom ended up at the Penitentiary after hearing she had been arrested. Hearing that the Wizard was seeking the red headed barbarian, Warden Pergalo took a personal interest and interrogated and threatened the Wizard hoping to learn more about the knight who had assaulted him.

Warden Pergalo

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