Ogre Sellsword Berserker


Many years ago you came wandering through Davokar nameless and blank, and were taken in by a witch who taught you to speak and behave. She never gave you a name, aware that you do not need one – after all, you know who you are and that is enough. Instead the servant of the witch named you, with a nickname to suit your temperament. Since then you have been known as Rageor, and when the witch died of old age you left the forest behind. With little to rely on besides his strength, Rageor became a sword for hire selling his service to the highest bidder. With war raging to the south, Rageor traveled south to Alberetor he has spent the last few years fighting for the Queen’s forces. You travel in the company of Fenya, a troublesome Goblin you swore to see safely back to Davokar after he helped you get out of a tight spot. On the way you have fallen in with some old comrades of the Great War.

Session Three: (Away) Rageor went to The Abomitorium to earn some coin.


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