Xanathâ, The White Spider

The White Spider


In appearance, she is a bone-pale spider with a body as large as an ogre, covered in even paler scars from countless battles. Normally, her compound eyes are positioned about a meter above ground, but her long legs make it possible to lift the body so high that she can look down on even the tallest adventurer. She speaks telepathically, in images, meaning that she disregards any language barriers. She can also express herself verbally, but only in the form of piercing hisses and at best in a long forgotten barbarian dialect.


When Symbaroum was young Xanathâ was already old and the venerable spider beast found herself hunted for sports by Symbar’s powerful princes. She fled down into the Underworld but not even there was she left in peace, which is why she used mystical powers to cross over into the Spirit World where she remained until recently.
Most things in the Davokar region are new to her. The forest is much larger and denser than she remembers and the Ambrians are of course a new acquaintance. But much has remained the same and her webs tremble from largescale events which she means to control.
Xanathâ has a playful character and loves to speak in riddles to confuse and amuse. Regarding herself she is secretive but says (true or false) that she is the daughter of the spider god Oroke and mother to the infamous Spider King.

Session Seven: Xanatha, communicating via the mad scribe Tonsel and eventually with Sir Orlen struck a bargain to aid the adventurers in their quest to destroy the skull and crown of ZZ King Hurian-Lo Apak. She agreed to grant them her protection versus the Creeping Darkness as well as providing them a route to enter the tomb more directly. In excange she had one demand, a vial of liquid known as The Vile Water.

Xanathâ, The White Spider

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