ZZ Lugo

Darvokorian Pathfinder / Blight-born Abomination (Dead)


One of two Darvokorian pathfinders who joined Argosto’s caravan. They claimed to be traveling south, but desperate for work and coin offered their services. In truth, having discovered that elves were close on their tails, the two for tomb robbers, hoped to join the caravan and hide among them. Things went bad when a hunger wolf emerged from the woods and attacked the two men. Although the adventurers slew the hunger wolf and the pack of jakkar that accompanied it, when the hunger wolf tranformed into an elf, many questions were raised.

Those questions were answered the next morning when two elves challenged the caravan and exlained that Belun and Ludo had violated the Odavokor and plundered a tomb. The elves demanded the two Darvokorians be handed over or that blood would be spilled. During the days traveled through a blizzard, that had apparently been summoned by the elves, the two men pleaded their case.

Ludo, hoping that the truth would helped told the tale. He said that he and Belun were hired as pathfinders by a group of treasure-hunters, headed by an unpleasant individual named Gorak and his second, the changeling Alahara. The group traveled deep into Davokar but did not reach the planned target: the darker parts of the forest and its well-preserved ruins from the days of Symbaroum. Instead they came across a smaller tomb, the final resting place of a long dead barbarian lord. The others in the team got away with gold, jewelry and mystical objects; all that Gorak wanted for himself was the verdigris-covered copper crown worn by the dead lord; a crown that had merged with the cranium.

He said that once they returned to Thistle Hold, the expedition’s members lived like kings for a while. Then things went bad a few died, and Gorak and Alahara disappeared. Feeling hunted they fled south. It seemed that the skull was cursed. Ludo swore he never touched it.

That night at camp, Ansel Magnuson, Novice of the Church of Prius, having heard the arguments ordered the two pathfinders bound, but before he could ensure justice was done, Belun succumbed to the blight and died a bloody death when something terrible literally clawed itself out of his skin. The towering creature with bare muscles and fingers transformed into knives of bone, and with outgrowths from the cranium, as if it wore a pointy bone crown. The abomination was furious and famished and attacked indiscriminately until it is slain. But as the thing that had been Belun died, Lugo transformed and launched itself at the adventurers. Between the two creatures, the adventurers had barely survived.

In death, the creatures collapsed into a bloody, shapeless heap that rapidly begins to rot. All that remained was their deformed craniums, and dealing with the elves that would soon return.


ZZ Lugo

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