Symbaroum Shadow of Darvokor

The Darkness Below and the Darkness Within
The Promised Land

The PCs: Ansel Magnuson, Karla the Exile, Rageor the Ogre and Viggio Bartolom  

After decades of war, their homeland of Alberetor was devastated and sterile, for the last twenty years those seeking a better life had journeyed north to Ambria , the Shining, or as some called it the Promised Land.

So our adventurers, like hundreds of others, were huddled together among the camps at the southern foothills of the Titans, the massive mountain chain which stood between them and the promised land. Rumor had it that winter had come early and that snow threatened to close the high pass. After learning Argasto, one of the caravan leaders, planned on taking a chance and making a run for the North, the adventurers made a play to join his group. But with more volunteers than spots, the adventurers ended up fighting for the open spots. Besting the other applicants in combat, the adventurers joined the caravan and the next morning headed up into the Titans. 

Defeated Mal Rogan and claimed the Mummified Hand he wore around his neck.


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