Symbaroum Shadow of Darvokor

The Darkness Below and the Darkness Within
The Promised Land

The PCs: Ansel Magnuson, Karla the Exile, Rageor the Ogre and Viggio Bartolom  

After decades of war, their homeland of Alberetor was devastated and sterile, for the last twenty years those seeking a better life had journeyed north to Ambria , the Shining, or as some called it the Promised Land.

So our adventurers, like hundreds of others, were huddled together among the camps at the southern foothills of the Titans, the massive mountain chain which stood between them and the promised land. Rumor had it that winter had come early and that snow threatened to close the high pass. After learning Argasto, one of the caravan leaders, planned on taking a chance and making a run for the North, the adventurers made a play to join his group. But with more volunteers than spots, the adventurers ended up fighting for the open spots. Besting the other applicants in combat, the adventurers joined the caravan and the next morning headed up into the Titans. 

Defeated Mal Rogan and claimed the Mummified Hand he wore around his neck.

On the Trail of the Flayer
Mark of the Beast Part 1

Arriving in Thistle Hold, Ansel Magnuson, likewise new to Thistle Hold presented himself to Father Elfeno , Head of the Sun Temple of Thistle Hold,  Father Elfeno, who's reputation as a fervant warrior proceeded him, clearly had some different views than the young novice. 

Likewise, Bartolom presented himself to Chapter Master of the Thistle Hold Chapter of Ordo Magic. Cornelio, seeming preoccupied, assigned the Novice to a new master, the venerable [[: kullinan – furia | Furia]].  Before releasing Bartolom to go and see Master Vernam, Cornelio  requested that Bartolom do his best to persuade Master Vernam to donate the Sun Stone to the Ordo.

Bartlom, met with his Old Master's friend Vernam. The old man proved sharp but friendly and offered to continue the young novice's training despite having left the Ordo. He also had some knowledge of the two barbarians guides and the accursed crown they spoke of before their deaths, and their possible connection to the killer called the Flayer. After some pleasantries, Bartolom, departed with the promise of additional information the next day. 

Letter from Master Vernam to Mayor Nightpitch

The adventurers, having discovered the flayed corpse of Master Vernam ended up in Thistle Hold's morgue and were introduced to Illantro. The old Medicus' drinking had caused him to fail to notice some important clues in his examination of the victims of the Flayer.

Dusk in the Davokar
Recovering the Water of Dusk and the Lost Novices

The adventurers head into the Davokar hoping to recover the Water of Dusk and the missing novices who were escorting it to Temple Wall. 

Skins, Toads and Skulls, the Flayer's End.
Mark of the Beast Part 2

After noticing they were being followed on their way to try and trap the Flayer,  Ansel and Olran discovered the man was one of Baumelo's minions. After the man accused them of being heretics, decided to confront the Witch Hunter. The fight between the knight and priest and the Witch Hunters led to the death. The Witch Hunter then call to a stop and apologized and suggested they work together.  Moments later the cry of murder led the adventurers to a stable and the next victim. 

After hearing about the Crown and the Skull it was during the final battle that the ancient relic finally appeared.  As Orlen and Ansel battled the Flayer, still wearing the skin of his latest victim,  the spirit of the ancient king, Hurian-Lo Apak dominated the mind of Karla and forced the barbarian archer to launch her arrows into her ally, the Wizard Bartolom. The skull continued to try and enslave its enemies even after the battle ended. It was only when the Bartolom, with his expertise in forbidden lore heard the voice, that he spoke the words needed to force the skull into dormancy.

The Return of the King
Tome of the Dying Dreams
White Spider Crawling Darkness
Tomb of the Dying Dream
Sun and the Shield
Session Nine Epilougue of the Copper Crown

Sir Orlan, Father Ansel and Karla head south.  They arrive at Templewall a cure for the corrupting wound Sir Orlan suffered destroying the Copper Crown. First Father Jeseebegai agrees to use some of the holy waters to heal the knight, but also asks a promise of Orlan and the others to head back south the next spring to try and save more survivors.  Healed Orlan and the others ride to the capital and seek an audience with the Queen.  Orlan's old commander intervenes for an old friend. The Queen grants Orlan's request to settle the lands around the goblin's tower near the Tomb of the Copper Crown. 


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