Tag: Session 1


  • Sessions One and Two

    The PCs: Ansel Magnuson, Karla the Exile, Rageor the Ogre and Viggio Bartolom  

    After decades of war, their homeland of Alberetor was devastated and sterile, for the last twenty years those seeking a better life had …

  • Argasto

    Session 1 and 2: The merchant who's caravan the adventurers join to cross over the Titans and reach Ambria. A good man he proved true to his word, and with plenty of help from the adventurers saw them to the promised lands.

  • Lestra

    Session One and Two: Encountered the adventurers while they were traveling Notth from the Dying Lands to Ambria. Lestra was hunting for two barbarian scouts who had fled South from Thistlehold after becoming corrupted by contact with the cursed copper …