Changeling Scout aka Spy


Niha, Changeling, Scout aka Spy
You were exchanged for your parents’ firstborn in a barbarian settlement, and from there it only got worse. “Mother” and “Father” had you work as an apprentice of the village tanner and sent you away as soon as your heritage became apparent. Since then you have learned to manage on your own, but you have always wondered why your elven kin gave you up.
Exiled from your people you traveled looking to find answers, but you only felt more alien. Finally, you were offered a job scouting war-wracked and now dead land of Alberetor. The man who engaged you was a sage named Vernam, who lived in Thistle Hold. In exchange for information on events in the south he promised you knowledge of the elves. Having spent the requisite years gathering his information, you are journeying north to receive much hoped for insight into the mystery that has defined your life.

If you have any friends it is because they are outsiders or because they may have knowledge of the elves that once abandoned you to the humans. The exception is the wizard Bartolom. Who was referred to you by Vernam. You have had some dealings with him in the past, while not friends, he has been useful.


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