ZZ Fangafa, the Thorn Queen

Ancient being spawned in the dark of the Underworld.


Fangafa looks like a bare, enormous thorn bush with slithering, branch-like outgrowths attached to a lumpy root-body the size of an ox. Eight of the outgrowths are much sturdier than the rest, like the arms of an octopus but bark-covered and with thorn spikes where the suction cups would have been. At the far end of these longer arms are narrow cracks that, if opened, reveal huge cat-like eyeballs. And close to each of these eyes is a small, dark and
malicious brain.


Session Seven: One of the many powerful beings drawn to the tomb of King Hurian-Lo Apak in search of the The Vile Water. The adventurers came up Fangafa, the Thorn Queen as she was tearing her way into the mausoleum. The massive creature, seemingly the Davokar come alive, sensing the adventurers lashed out with innumerable tendrils, each the size of a tree, but which moved with the speed of a whip. After a brutal melee the adventurers over the creature and ended its days. Making certain that it was not reborn by putting it to the torch.

ZZ Fangafa, the Thorn Queen

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