Thistle Hold

Thistle Hold

Facts on Thistle Hold

Founded: Year 13 after the Victory

Mayor: Lasifor Nightpitch

Law & Order: Town Watch (150 watchmen)

Primary income source: Tolls and taxes

Building technique: Wooden houses, 2–4 stories

Number of residents: about 6 000

Daily visitors: about 4 000

Neighbors: Blackmoor, the goblin tribe Karabbadokk and the villages Glimmer and Glimmervann.

Notable residents: Mayor Nightpitch, the treasure hunter Iasogoi Brigo, the Queen’s legate Suria Argona, the heretic Sarvola, the theurg Father Elfeno and the trouble maker Serex Attio.

Detailed in the Who is Who in Thistle Hold

Places of interests


1. Afadir’s Triumph Tavern

2. Brew

3. The Dump

4. Odovakar

5. Blackbrew

6. The Salons of Symbaroum

7. The Slaughterhouse


8. The Court and Harp

9. The Winged Ladle

10. The Witch and Familiar

11. Arkerio’s Guest House

12. The Rose Garden

13. The Ruin

14. The Barracks

15. The Seamstress’ Rest


16. Spectacle

17. Benego’s

18. Legends

19. The Hangman’s Pole

20. The Abomitorium


21. Marvalom’s

22. The Rope and Axe

23. Big-Basher’s Smithy

24. The Thaler’s Drugstore

25. The Treasury

26. Faraldo’s Novelty


The Ruling Structure

27. The Town Seat

28. Nighthome

29. The Sun Temple

30. The Queen’s Legation

31. Ordo Magica, Whistle Hold Chapter

32. The Mission House

33. Mother Mehira’s Agency

34. The Town Watch

35. The Beacon

36. The Merchants’ House

37. Monastery

38. The High Chieftain’s Envoy

39. The Penitentiary


40. The Antique Plaza

41. The Queen’s Square

42. The Toad’s Square

43. The Eastern Square

44. Park of the Elders

Thistle Hold

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