Church of Prios

The Church of Prios

The Church of the sun god Prios governs a domain of their own in Ambria, a territory large as a duchy spanning around the city of Templewall. In the city the First Father of Prios resides, selected for life by the Curia – the ruling body of the Church, comprised by the leaders of its three subdivisions: the Priesthood, the Templars and the Twilight Friars. Jeseebegai who now sits on the Evening Throne at Templewall was elected from among the Twilight Friars six years ago.

The theurgs and liturgs of the Priesthood are responsible for interpreting Prios’ commandments and for managing all His temples, from the cathedrals in Yndaros and Templewall to the repaired shrine on Karvosti. 

The Knights of the Dying Sun, also called Sun Knights or Templars, make out the armed wing of the Church. Its well-equipped and highly skilled Templars, who all come from noble families, played a crucial part at the end of the Great War.

Finally, the Twilight Friars, also called Black Cloaks, is a monastic order with its main seat south of Yndaros, up in the Titans. It is said that while the Templars aim their swords towards Ambria’s outer enemies, the knife points of the Black Cloaks are aimed at those within.

Church of Prios

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