Letter from Master Vernam to Mayor Nightpitch

Dear Master Nightpitch,

I know that we seldom see eye to eye, but let me once again try to explain why I believe that Gorak’s failed expedition is connected to the current killings, performed by the so called Flayer. I know that Gorak sought you out and that the skull of the King was shown to you, numerous sources have told me as much, and I realize that a possible link between the murders and the skull is politically delicate.

The King’s skull infects all who touch it, infects with the power of corruption. You appear to have escaped its destructive powers; maybe you never held it which, if so, was wise. My elven friends have told me that their soothsayers dreamed of the dead king at the time when

Gorak was parading around town with his cranium, and they have returned to me saying that they are still dreaming, meaning that the corrupting powers of the skull are still active here in Thistle Hold. Precisely how the atrocities and the killings are connected to all this I cannot claim to know, but from a reliable source I have heard that the art of flaying is an ancient and baneful one, born of darkness.

Nevermore the Dark, Master Vernam

Letter from Master Vernam to Mayor Nightpitch

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